Finding JV Partners on LinkedIn.


lv partnersBy establishing yourself as a Leader

By searching companies for specific industry leaders

Joining similar groups for your industry

Using the LinkedIn  advanced search feature
LinkedIn  provides you with an easy way to search for LinkedIn  Partners and I will explain in easy steps how to use this feature below:

1. Go to the search box next to the word People at the top of the page.

2. Click on the word Advanced.

3. Now you will see a list of fields which you can search by.

4. You can use keywords to search by or specific job titles. You can use the variables NOT and OR to define exactly what you are looking for:

For example:    Fitness Trainer NOT coach
Self Employed OR Company CEO

5. Once you have your search criteria set, you can save these results. This will then be placed under your saved results tab in your account. You can then r-run this as often as you wish. Or your other option is to set it up so that your search automatically runs each week or month and then LinkedIn will email the results to you.

How to do Market research

An easy way to perform market research on LinkedIn  is by utilizing their Answer section. The search feature can also provide you with a list of potential customers, clients and other companies in the same industry. You may just discover a big business name that your product or service would be perfect for.

JV (joint venture) is a great way to promoting your product or service.  It increases your sales and profit’s why not have a look at this book  it might be of great help to getting you ahead in Linkedin

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