DSC00616I caught the “Internet” bug in early 1999 when we got our first computer into the house. I think it was a commodore 64,my goodness they were a big piece of equipment.My biggeset issue with the computer was to fiqure out a place where we could put it…..

I was always fasinated by technologyand how things worked.It was then I deiscovered something called (Seo) search engine optimisation. I was completly taken in by how this was used to help you find your way up the the search engines. One thing that  was a challenge to me was the dial up connection,my goodness it was slow!!

I was finding courses online regarding Seo and I was realy finding my niche until disaster struck. On Nov. 3rd 2003 my life was totally changed,just as quick as you blinked your eyes. I was traveling in my car with my two children when we involved in a serious car accident. Thankfully the children all recovered well,but I had  to battle with my health over the next three and a half years. One positive thing that came from the painful years I had  was it gave me time to persue with my online training and learning more about Seo.There was’nt too much I could do anyway at the time.

What worked in Seo a few years ago does’nt really make a huge impact anymore,due to the penquin and pieguin algorithms that were changed in recent times.

Social sites where becoming the buzz word such as:

  • Bebo
  • facebook
  • technrati
  • digg

So the algorithms that were put in place were now the big thing,fresh content etc.

Over the next couple of posts I will be giving you some secrets on what works well with the search engines,and you too can get your blog or website noticed by the search engines.


Untill the next time


Pat Brosnan

SEO Icons