Over the next couple of posts I will be giving you idea’s and tips on how to have your Linkedin site all set up properly and conneting with others.


“Did you know that even a Freelancer’s can add their own company to LinkedIn’s  huge directory. Or that you can add your own products and services along with special discounts and coupons”?

As with anything remember to take what you learn and apply as much as possible to your business. With so much competition today every small thing you do can help push your company higher into the public profile.
All that you need for your LinkedIn  account is the free version. This is perfectly fine for developing good business connections within your market

Setting Up Your Profile

Your profile on LinkedIn   is extremely important. The words you use to describe your services and clients are used by LinkedIn  as keywords. So by applying the correct terms in your profile you can show up high in the search results.

Please note that the search results for LinkedIn are based upon your connections. So while it is important to get a good number of connections, you don’t want to start spamming people. This will not look good and only serve to get you into trouble with LinkedIn
All that you need for your LinkedIn  account is the free version. This is perfectly fine for developing good business connections within your market.You want to take the time to fill out the specialities area of your profile. If you are a graphic designer then use additional terms to describe your job.

This would include using terms such as:
• Graphic designer

• Minisite design

• Banner design

• E book cover creation

• Kindle Covers

If you were a writer then add:

• Freelance writer

• Ghostwriting

• E book author

• Article writer

There are certain applications in LinkedIn  that you want to take advantage of. The following are just a sample of ones that you could use:

Box Net – to share reports

WordPress – Adds the latest posts from your box

Google Presentation – allows you to add a PowerPoint presentation or video to your profile page

Portfolio Display – allows you to display samples of your work

How to Grow Your Network
Your first goal is to grow your connection list. One easy way is to join some Groups within LinkedIn . You can easily find groups within your industry to join along with local groups. Also think about joining groups that could potentially use your services. If you offer coaching or graphic designs then look for groups that need these types of services


Your main objective is to position yourself as a leader within your business or niche. You should also consider what your goal is as well. Is it to find customers and/or potential business partners? Or is your primary goal lead generation?

By determining who your target audience is you can then provide them with suitable content. This can be in the form of reports, articles, e books and even videos


Hoefully you found this first article of some help and guidance for you on setting up your Linkedin profile the correct way.

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