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If you are not into the task of on-page SEO, here are three  ways to accomplish your off-page Search engine optimization page seo

On-page search engine optimization is definitely one of the key methods if a website owner would like to improve the results for your website’s search ability. However, on-page Search engine optimization methods often entails technical skills.  Not a lot of people are HTML savoy. This is often what needs to be tweaked to do an excellent job in optimizing your web pages.

What if a techie friend already did the on-page optimization and now you want to know how you can contribute to the “search engine goodness” of your website? Off-page search engine optimization is the next step. And the results you will have to pine for are one-way backlinks.  This is how many of the major search engines such Google, Yahoo! and Bing rank websites. The more backlinks from relevant sites with good page rank, the better it is.

So how exactly do you gather backlinks? It’s not an easy task but it’s definitely less nerve-wracking than HTML if you are not the techie type. Here are some off-page Search engine optimization method tips:

1. Article Marketing

Good quality content is one of the key factors to Google’s algorithms. Everyone is looking for fresh  quality content which would help greatly with your search engine position. It helps a lot to be a keen writer but you can always out source this out. Also, practice the proper way of using a resource box. It should only include a website that contains information relevant to the article you submit to article directories.

2. Forum Participation

Look for forums that are relevant to your website’s content and keep  sharing information that will be invaluable for the members of the forums. Your signature or that tag-along message at the last part of each of your posts is what will work for your off-page Search engine optimization method . Keep it simple and to the point and make sure that it conveys something about your website. Learn how to hyperlink to make it easy for the people who want to visit your site.

3. Blogging

Blogs or web logs are now the most popular weapons of Search engine optimization experts. Aside from being easy-to-update, they don’t require a too formal tone, which is what many readers are into. Informal dialog which can be accomplished through readers leaving comments and the blog author replying to the comments is what also keeps blogs fresh and search engine friendly. Maintaining a blog that’s again relevant to your website’s content will keep the search engines in touch with your site. Don’t forget to have a link on your main website from your blog. This would be another Seo factor called internal linking which  again is  a part of the search engine algorithms.

The secret to be successful in carrying out these off-page SEO methods is to be consistent. Submitting quality articles to websites at least two to three times a week and regularly producing content for your  blog is a sure way to make your website stand out. Forum participation should also be something done more frequently since it will not only help you up your website’s popularity with the search engines but also make you learn new stuff from other forum members’ participation. Also, if you discover that you don’t enjoy these stuff, there’s always another plan  – hire someone to do them for you!


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