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linked ads 1To promote your events you can simply send details to all of your connections. Another way is to add the Event application to your profile page. This allows you to advertise all your upcoming events for everyone to see.Once you click on add an event, a new screen pops up where you can list all the relevant details. By clicking on the “add more details”, button, you can provide a description of the event.

In this section you can include up to 20 keywords and 20 job titles for recommendations for who should attend the event. This will help you show up in the search feature for anyone looking for an event to attend.

Once you are happy with your details you can publish the event and all your connections will have the ability to view the details.Under the companies tab in LinkedIn  you will see a list of all the companies in this directory. You can easily search the companies to find business associates and possible future partners

Adding your own Company
Simply click on the Add Company tab and fill out your details. The only requirement is that you are a current employee of this company. So for anyone with a home based business, you can easily get listed. This will provide you with more exposure for your company.

Once you have confirmed your company, you are now ready to customize your listing. You will be sent an email that you have to confirm. You should add the following on your page:

• Company Logo

• Company Description

• Number of employees if applicable

• Website address

• Industry Category

• Year company was created

• Location

• Twitter ID

• RSS Feed

You then want to visit the Products and Services tab. This allows you to add your products and/or services to your company profile. You can add and explain the key features of this product. You can include a YouTube video.

Your company page also includes an analytics page that allows you to see who is visiting your company profile.

Using Linkedin Advertising

As long as you have a free account with LinkedIn you can use their advertising feature. The only other requirement is a credit card to pay for your ad. When placing your ad you have the ability to select your target audience and your advertising budget
It takes about 24 hours for your Ad to be approved and it must meet certain guidelines. A quick overview follows:

• Do not lie or deceive people in your ad

• Use standard grammar and punctuation and do not repeat words in your ad

• Only English ads are accepted and they must contain acceptable language

• Your display URL must match your destination URL

• No mention of LinkedIn Corporation® is allowed in your ad

• No affiliate ads of any kind are allowed
Your ad should to be made of up of the following elements:

• Headline – up to 25 characters of text

• Description – up to 75 characters of text

• From – your company name

• Image – a 50 x 50 pixel is allowed

• URL – link to your website
Your ad will be displayed in a variety of places on LinkedIn Corporation®. This could include all or some of the following:

• Profile Page

• Home Page

• Inbox

• Search Results Page

• Groups

target your marketYou must target whom you want to see your ad and this can be done by the following criteria:

• Job Title

• Job Function

• Industry

• Geography

• Company Size

• Company Name

• Seniority

• Age

• Gender

• LinkedIn Group

Note: Once you start creating an ad LinkedIn will advise you on who your target market is and they will estimate the size of your audience. They will also advise you on the cost of your campaign.

There is no long-term commitment or requirements for running your ad. To turn your ad off you simply log into your LinkedIn Ads Dashboard. You have complete control over everything.
Note: Once you start creating an ad LinkedIn Corporation® will advise you on who your target market is and they will estimate the size of your audience. They will also advise you on the cost of your campaign.


I hope you are finding these few blog series about Linkedin helpful and I encourage you not to ignore the power of Linkedin

Please feel free to let me know how you found this article.  By giving me your opionion I can only better the articles for you.

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