5 Basic WordPress SEO Practices for WordPress Bloggers
WordPress SEO practices to implement on your Blog. 5 Basic WordPress SEO Practices for WordPress Bloggers. When ever I talk about driving traffic to your site, it’s organic traffic which is best as it helps you to ger targeted traffic.


I found this article while I was persuing through the search engines and I thought it was well worth to let you know  about these 5 Basic WordPress SEO Practices for wordpress Bloggers


Below is an example of a post Permalink and use your common sense to realize, which one make more sense for a human and search engine bots:


1 and 2 are same URL but you can say about URL 2 that this page should be about importance of SEO in blogging, while URL a contain no information about the content of post. More over, in 2nd permalink you have your Keyword in it, which will help to further improve the ranking of article.

You can view the source here




Search engines have become an indispensible aspect of modern life.
But most of us don’t have
a clue
about how they actually work.
I’m just guessing you don’t want
to dive into complex mathematical
If you wish to find out more I found this article very informative
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