You probably already know you can’t rank a site for a competitive keyword without off-page SEO.

And with all the talk of PageRank, link building, and social signals, it’s easy to forget about on-page SEO.

However, white hat on-page strategies are a fantastic way to get more search engine traffic…without having to build a single additional backlink to your site.

And if you’re already well versed with everything “meta tag”, then this visual guide of advanced on-page SEO strategies by should serve you well.

The content in the infographic s fairly self-explanatory, but here are a few of the most important points from the piece.

Loading Speed: This is one of the few ranking factors that Google has officially confirmed. So it’s worth taking the time to speed up your site. Here’s an excellent “non techy” tutorial from that will show you some simple ways you can make your site load more quickly.

Include Your Keywords in Your Title Tag: Keywords are the lifeblood of your SEO campaign. Make sure to include them in your title tag, preferably in the beginning.

Use LSI Keywords: LSI keywords are simple words that are synonyms of your target keyword. For example, if you were trying to optimize your page for “blue widgets”, you may want to consider adding LSI keywords like “buy blue widgets”, “blue widget reviews” and “blue widgets 2013”. You can find a gold mine of LSI keyword by searching for your target keyword in Google and scrolling down to the “Searched Related to…” area of the page.

Illustrated Guide to On-Page SEO

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