Here in this article I would like to bring your attention to  12 types of Social media sites that is out there:

  • Social bookmarking: stumbleupon,delious,and Digg
  • Crowd Source:  Wikpedia
  • Blog: this is a blog conversation site
  • Blog communities:  technorati,blog catalog
  • Micro Media top of the list
  • Social networks:  facebook,Linkedin
  • Live audio:  podcast,blog talk radio
  • Customer service sites:  yelp,google +
  • Video: you-tube
  • Document sites:  scribed,doc/forums and
  • Location base:  foursquare
  • Tools: tweetdeck,hootsuite

I hope this was of some help to you to understand the different type of Social media sites that are out there and what they are.

Please let me know your views on this post

To your success


Pat Brosnan

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